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Borankul Energy LLC Refinery is a leading vertically integrated oil and gas company in Kazakhstan. Borankul Energy LLC Refinery manages assets throughout the entire production cycle, i.e. from exploration and production of hydrocarbons to transportation, refining and provision of maintenance services. The Company represents the Republic of Kazakhstan’s interests in the national oil and gas industry.

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Crude Oil

Borankul Energy Oil Refinery is one’s of the Oldest oil refineries in the Kazakhstan. The refinery Turns out more than 20 types of products.

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Gas Production

Against the backdrop of the global growth of production and use of gas as the greenest fossil fuel, Borankul Energy Refinery continues to expand the share of gas in its asset portfolio

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The volume of refining of the Company’s refineries abroad (12.8 mmt) exceeded the figure of 2015 by 4.8%.

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Borankul Energy Refinery Is One Of The Leaders Of Kazakhstan’s Petroleum Industry And The World’s Largest Publicly Traded Petroleum Company.


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